RAY Consulting Presents
Agri Business Summit & Agri Awards 2021

2nd September 2021 from 9 AM, Hotel Park Hyatt Hyderabad

ABSA 2021 is scheduled for 2nd September 2021. Registrations to attend the event are open. Limited seats hurry!


About RAY Consulting

RAY Consulting was founded with the mission to provide competent consulting services to support agriculture and agribusiness sector by delivering sustainable solutions to projects in agriculture, agribusiness and allied sectors development worldwide and to bring great value to clients by forging partnerships in agriculture transformation.


RAY Consulting has the vision to be most preferred agribusiness consulting group from India in sustainable agriculture. RAY Consulting Conferences and summits are created by experts in the agri-food tech industries to address the issues most crucial to investors and developers in these sectors. Through our global network of industry advisors, we produce highly-focused, topical Conferences and Summits which gather all the right people together in one room to share ideas, find solutions and identify new business opportunities. We are committed to providing the world-leading platforms for knowledge-sharing, debate and networking for business leaders, featuring the leading experts and echangers from across the global ecosystem.