Preparing Agriculture for 2030

Agri Business Summit & Agri Awards

ABSA 2023

26 April 2023
Hotel Park Hyatt Hyderabad - India.

ABSA 2022 is scheduled on 27th August 2022- Nominations in all categories are now open.


“Be the best of the best in the global standard of success in the crop input industry”

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Please Note:
At the end of the application after you submit you will be re-directed to the payment page for Processing fee payment. The processing / administrative fee for nomination in each category is      Rs 5900 + Rs. 1062 GST

(Other than this processing fee there will be no other charges, however to attend ABSA on 26th April 2023 at Hotel Park Hyatt, a separate Event Ticket has to be purchased including nominees.)

* Your nomination will be considered only after payment of Nomination Fee

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