Agri Awards


About Agri Awards

Agri awards is a platform to formally recognise the efforts put in by the Agri Input industry in the field of uplifting rural farmers as well as the progress made in the innovation of Agri inputs. The Annual Agri Awards will honour the achievements and share the success stories of organisations, enterprises and individuals that are actively involved in boosting economic growth and achieving milestones in this sector


The agri input industry, so far, is not formally recognised for the efforts they put in both in the field of uplifting our rural farmers as well as the progress made in the innovation of agri inputs.

With the introduction of “Agri Input Awards” RAY Consulting will be the first entity in India, recognising industry’s efforts in providing quality products, pre and post sales service, innovation, and leadership in the sector.

There are three input categories Seeds, Nutrients and Pesticides, besides subcategories in each of them. RAY shall award these categories, annually. Awards will be at National and regional levels.


  Why agri awards:

  • Agri Awards will give all stake holders a platform to be the best in global standards of success in crop protection
  • Leading by example, the winners showcased by Agri Awards will inspire all stakeholders nationwide
  • Winning this prestigious award is marketing that money can’t buy. Credibility sells!
  • The Annual Agri Awards will cover activities across the entire crop input sector.
  • To be the best!